Progressive Riding Tests (PRTís)

Designed for Teenager's and Adults

If you ride regularly these tests are for you! Whether you have just started or have been riding for some time the P.R.T's will:

There are six levels, which are comprised of Horse Knowledge/Care & Riding Skills. For each level you will be given a Syllabus/Progress Card that has a number of elements that need to be signed off by the instructor, once your card has been fully completed, you are eligible to take the test for that level. On the successful completion of each level, you will be awarded a certificate for that level.

When you have successfully completed all six tests, you will receive a final official Certificate from the British Horse Society. Completion of level 6 of the PRT's is considered an industry standard, and recognised as a high standard of training and achievement.

Progressive Riding Tests are only available at British Horse Society Approved Riding Schools.